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2018 Missions Project Update

At the 2017 conference, we casted vision to you  – local women’s ministries throughout Southern New England – to join together to raise funds for each of our US Missionaries here in Southern New England. In addition, many of our local women’s ministries participated in our first ever adopt-a-missionary program.

We are so excited to share that due to your generosity – we are able to give $1000 to each of our 22 US Missionaries. Their names, pictures, and ministries can be seen at

What is Love Generously Missions

Love Generously (previously known as Love Line) is the Women of Influence missions efforts in the US and abroad. We work in partnership with the Southern New England Ministry Network. We give financial care and other kinds of support to the following:

1.     Foreign and US Missionaries

2.     Southern New England Church Planters

3.     Southern New England Non-profits and Parachurch Ministries

4.     Benevolence Fund for Women in Need (primarily related to event attendance)

5.     Administration Fees (percentage each given each year for administration and processing costs)

MONIES ARE RAISED FROM NOVEMBER - NOVEMBER. We announce the new project each year at our annual conference.

Some of our past projects include (but not limited to):

·      Southern New England missionaries

·      Special projects such as Real Kidz in Boston, MA

·      Various Southern New England church plants

·      Project Rescue

·      Selah Ministries in India

·      Sponsoring women, so that they can attend the annual women’s conference

How is the missions focus for the year chosen?

We receive recommendations from the network office, section reps, and the National Women’s Ministries department. Primarily, however, much prayer, thought, and leadership discussion occurs for the final decision. The final decision is approved by the Network Office Leadership.

When is the overall missions focus set?

Women of Influence overall mission’s goals are set by early fall of the prior year, and then announced at the November conference. (For example, 2018’s goal is set in the Fall of 2017 and the goals are announced at the November 2018 conference where pledges are made.)


How are monies raised?

1.     Local church women’s groups may collectively make a group pledge (goal of funds raised). They work together through their local church offerings and fundraising events to meet this goal.

2.     Individuals desiring to make personal pledges or one-time gifts.

3.     One time gifts or sponsorships from various businesses or ministries.

4.     Offerings at various district women’s events.