Bold Enough to Show Up

A few days ago on March 8 it was International Women's Day. And, I must be honest that until yesterday I didn't know it was a thing. Yet as I scrolled through my newsfeed and saw all of these wonderful posts making sweet declarations affirming womanhood, I immediately felt insane pressure. 

What's wrong with me, I thought? Here I am a newly appointed director of a ministry and network for women, and I have failed to acknowledge THE day to recognize women. 

Why? What is it that causes us to feel pressure to measure up? Why do we insist on comparing notes? 

For generations, women have had to fight for a place at the table. Do a historical study of women and the role of women in society and family, and you will find our roots as women run deep in insecurity, inadequacy, comparison, performance, and so much more. Is it any wonder, as women, we most often struggle with the same things generations of women before us struggled with?

In the end, I decided not to post from the Women of Influence site. 

For those that were like me - here's a little background. This is a designated day for the world to recognize the power and value of women in history and present in our world. International Women's Day is celebrated on March 8 every year, and it commemorates the movement for women's rights, and honors the achievements of women. 

And while this day of celebration for women in our world has come and gone - I am regularly reflecting on what God says about women. I am thankful for the freedom and opportunities I now have in this country as a woman, but it fails in comparison to the true and full freedom I have as a woman in Christ. 

We must know as Christ followers, we no longer have to fight for our place at the table-we simply have to show up. Christ will do the work in us and through us, we simply have to make ourselves available. We have to say yes. Or hearts so desperately desire freedom and a full life. We want to do great things and we long to make an impact on our world. This isn't our idea, though. This was God's. His mission since the beginning of time was the redemption of humanity and He invites us in on the mission daily. This mission is the same for us as women as it is for the men. And, however He calls you to live out this mission-just say yes. 

I am scared out of my mind in my current endeavors, including this one as your leader! I regularly feel like I might fail at any given moment. And, then, I do fail in moments! I lean fully on His help and His grace. 

But here's the thing, we don't have to worry about measuring up or meeting the standard. We can stand confident that our identity is found in our Savior and Him alone, and He has already offered us a seat at the table. So just show up.

Vulnerably show up to what God has for you. He will open doors and set you on paths you never imagined. If you are willing, He will use you to be a part of His redemption in your family, your community, and your church. Step out, take risks, be courageous-allow His Spirit to work in you. 

From the beginning of time, God breathed life into woman and said it was good. From the beginning of time, women walked with strength and purpose, and changed the world. We can celebrate the beauty of God's creation of woman. And, we recognize the powerful role that women fill in the family, workplace, community, and church. 

Like all of humanity, women fall and fail. But we partake in the grace and mercy offered to us by our Creator. When we do fall, may we rise with dignity and humility. When we are broken and bruised, may we find restoration and redemption in the One who calls us good-the only One who truly makes us good. When we feel weak and without purpose, may we rise and lead in the grace given to us by the One who calls us to purpose. 

May we walk in the power not of ourselves, but of Christ our Savior. We fear God, and nothing else. In God's infinite wisdom, He knew women were of value and importance and set each of us on our course. And, with Christ in us, we will continuing changing history for every life we touch. 

All we have to do is show up and live it out loud in faith. 

Praying today you feel the boldness and confidence from Christ in you,


Written By : Christan Causey

Written By : Christan Causey