Learning to Walk - Again

Change: learning new behaviors and attitudes is difficult. We create patterns that we have done so many times we don’t even realize we are doing them. Take, for example, how to walk, there is a proper way and an improper way to walk. I, for one, have not been walking properly for years, at least not for a decade or more.

I didn’t realize that I was doing anything wrong, and it took having both of my knees replaced before it was pointed out. The first time the physical therapist had me up and walking with my walker, she noticed that my right knee did not bend, and I swung my leg out to the side. At that moment, I knew that I had been walking this way to overcompensate for the pain and discomfort of my knee problems. What I didn’t realize was that doing it my own way, walking so that I didn’t feel the pain in my knees, was causing pain and problems in other areas of my body.

So, at 38 years of age I had to learn how to walk again. And let me tell you, it was not easy, nor was it pretty. Now that I am walking much closer to “normal”, many of the aches and pains I had are gone. I no longer have the waddle that I had come to detest. I find myself wondering, had it been pointed out to me 10 or more years ago when I first began to walk improperly, would I have made the changes, or would I have continued doing what I was doing because it was more comfortable?

Isn’t that very much the same as our lives? Sometimes we walk the way Jesus did, but often times we don’t, because it hurts, or is uncomfortable. So, we pick up bad habits, dragging our feet or limping instead of taking the rock out of our shoe. This, in reality, is the same as doing it our way instead of His way. We ignore the Holy Spirit when He brings to our attention things that need change, because it’s more comfortable and it is easier.

I, for one, want to walk properly. I am being challenged and changed every day, and occasionally, it’s painful and uncomfortable. I admit that some days I drag my feet, wanting to walk the way I have become accustom to, but then I am reminded that just because my way seems better for the moment, it can and will cause problems in other areas of my life. So I am embracing this change that is before me, changing the patterns of the past and allowing the Lord to teach me to walk – His way.

...by Paulette Toews

...by Paulette Toews