Touches of Heaven

I love lilacs. There’s something about the scent wafting through an open window on a gentle breeze that makes me feel that all is right with the world.

While we were hunting for a new home for our family last summer, I told my husband that the only detail I was concerned with was that there would be a place for him to plant a lilac bush for me. But when we learned that my mother was dying and only had a few months left to live, we put the home search on hold. I knew that too much stress at one time would be an unwise choice to make for my mental health.

A few days later, he came home with the news that he’d found his dream home! Would I, could I, let him pursue it? I agreed, with the stipulation that he was responsible for all of the stress. I refused to carry any of it! I didn’t even want to look at it, because that would require me to make a decision (stress!!). All I cared about was that wherever we ended up, there would be a lilac bush on the horizon.

But walk through it I did, and I gave him my blessing. As we met with the seller, I got a huge surprise. When they heard about how I only cared about getting a lilac bush, they laughed—they had already planted three! And not only three bushes, but three varieties!! I just know God was smiling at my delight. It was a simple sign of His love and care for me and my heart.

And now I wait. I know the lilacs are here, but I haven’t seen the flowers yet. I knew they were here before I even went out to find the bushes. How was I so sure? Because I believed the ones who told me about them! 

If I believed the word of mere people, how much more can I believe and stand on the promises of God? My lilacs are a promise, a touch of heaven. They make me happy even though I haven’t seen or smelled them yet. When you read the promises in God’s Word, do they bring you joy? You can believe them, and know that they will come to pass in God’s perfect timing. 

“The Lord always keeps his promises; he is gracious in all he does” (Psalm 145:13 NLT). 

God’s promises are far greater and more beautiful than lilacs. Trust Him, and live in expectation of wonder!

Written By : Lauri Hawley