Giving Him Time

I am a tea drinker.  And I just love my Ceylon & British teas! Growing up in Zambia and then Canada, imagine my dismay when I first moved to America and realized that not many Americans know how to brew a cup of tea properly! I tried to single-handedly initiate a revolution by instructing the masses at my local DD (Dunkin’ Donuts) but alas, to no avail! (Much to my chagrin, the water and milk go in first, and then the tea bag. Sigh.) It took some time but I believe I’ve stumbled onto the fundamental problem here …. America runs on coffee (DD coffee, no less) but I usually sit down to enjoy my tea. As most tea drinkers know, no one runs on tea. 

Perfectly steeped tea requires a conscious investment of time.  The water must be boiled (in a kettle, not a microwave), poured over the tea in the pre-warmed teapot, and set aside to steep for a few minutes (longer for a stronger brew). Yes, time is required.  I personally prefer loose leaf tea which is made up of whole tea leaves and not the broken leaf dust usually found in the bags or pouches (The tea bag, by the way, was invented by an American.  I’ll just leave that there). Of course, loose leaf tea takes up even more time since you need to strain it (and then clean the strainer), but one ends up with a fresher, more flavorful cup.  There’s that time factor again.  Then, tea demands to be savored.  The perfect brew must be sipped slowly, the aroma enjoyed, the tart concoction ingested, preferably with accompanying biscuits or scones.  Did I mention all of this requires time? It’s no surprise … it’s practically impossible to run on tea (or run throughtea).

And as I sat down to partake of my tea ritual this morning, I found myself thinking of my time with my Lord.  Do I consciously invest the necessary time to enjoy Him as I do my tea? 

Psalm 27:14 tells us to “Wait patiently for the Lord …” (NLT).  Isaiah 40:31 promises that those “ … who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength …” (NKJV).   Waiting is going to take time.

And we all know that growth takes time – both physical and spiritual.  Do I take the necessary time to steep myself in His Word? Or am I thoughtlessly placing time constraints on the moments spent soaking in His presence? Malachi 3:3 warns that our God “ … will sit as a refiner and purifier …”.  Do I willingly give Him my time so He can properly “brew” and “strain” me? My earnest desire is to grow into a more flavorful follower of Jesus ... but growth takes time.  

Psalm 119:15 “I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways ...”  

Philippians 4:8 “ … if anything is excellent or praiseworthy--think about such things.” 

James 4:8 “Draw near to God …” 

All of these verbs are going to take a conscious investment of time.  This Lent season, will you slow down with me? Will you worship Him with your time?

You and I know this: we can neither run on God nor run through Him. 

Let’s set aside Facebook for a while, put away the phone.   Let’s close the door, and put on worship music. Let’s pick up our Bibles. And let’s draw near to Him.  Let us savor Him.  Let us enjoy Him.  As we already know, we can neither run on God nor run through Him. 

So sit back, sisters!  Get comfortable. This is going to take time.  

Written By : Guy Pratap